Greg Murphy


Featured Project

Pierpont Apartments

I like the way this housing has been incorporated into a former warehouse district. It will help bring people to the neighborhood and support the small businesses that make it great. I really enjoyed learning from the owner, and gaining an understanding of how these large-scale projects work.

University of Utah

Bachelor of Architecture

A Little Bit About Me

Greg is working on his master’s degree in architecture with a certificate in urban design while fortunately also working part-time for us as a designer.

To Greg, architecture is more than just the exterior envelope of a building. It relates to how we interact with built environments on a much larger scale. He loves historic downtown buildings and the beauty they add to their environments, and he encourages their preservation and adaptive reuse.

He hopes to help develop — and live in — highly diverse, mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods with his family. He loves learning from the patterns in an area’s progress, especially in developing countries like Mexico where he lived for two years. He’s also a fan of local materials and passive design, which uses architecture to minimize energy consumption.


When he’s not busy with his architectural studies and design work, Greg enjoys biking, sketching, traveling and hiking.


Herriman, Utah